Re: [abc-users] abc [HEAD] - Java1.5 fetaures

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:48:17 +0100

Hey Pavel,

> It is true that abc does not support Java 5 at present. However, there
> are some efforts underway to fix this. In particular, we have a new
> JastAdd-based front-end for abc [see upcoming AOSD paper], and the
> JastAddJ extensible Java compiler has a module for Java 5 support (this
> is the Java1.5Frontend you mention), so the hope is that once we get
> everything into a finished enough state it would be quite easy to add.

Does this mean that you switch completely from Polyglot+Soot to JastAddJ?

> In what sort of timeframe would you need Java 5 support?

This is hard to say.
I want to evaluate which AspectJ compiler is best suitably for a
language extension.

At the moment the a first version of the extension is implemented on
abc 1.2.1. Now this extension should be tested on several examples
wheras some examples are using Java5.

When the frontend (and backend) of abc is replaced, does this mean
that extensions using Polyglot and Soot will not run anymore?

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