Re: [abc-users] getting started questions

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 08:20:20 +0100

> 1- I'm running ant within eclipse, and the first project (abc) got
> built successfully, using build.xml, I just copied
> ant.settings.template into a new file ant.settings and without
> editing anything it went through. Do I also need to run ant using
> ( build-abc, build-exer1, build exer2) I tried to do that and it
> errored out for not finding classes.

No, you should just be able to run the "jars" task. If that works out
then you should be fine.

> 2- I tried to run ANT on the second project (abc-ja) with the
> appropriate build.xml, and copied ant.settings.template into
> ant.settings, but I keep getting this error: "Please copy
> ant.settings.template to ant.settings and customise if necessary..."
> I tried editing ant.settings file with fully qualified paths, but
> I'm still getting the same error.

Within the ant.settings file, did you set all the appropriate
variables? build.xml gives you this error message if it finds certain
necessary variables undefined (have a look at the script).


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