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New patched release: 2.17.3


I have just put together the bug fixing 2.17.3 release, and the files
should be on SF already.
Some bugs got fixed, there is a Dan's error recovery code in there to play
with as well ;o)

> I like youe "magic" debugging property a lot.

Not all the code is yet using it properly, but with time we can add it in
all the places which catch exceptions and rethrow new RuntimeException.
I  have found some places already and fixed it.

Would be good to put a section or two with simple usage patterns, like:
how to switch the debugging on, how to display the tree, how to use error
recovery, etc inside the current README.html, what do you think?

A workplan for 3.x would be good start for making dreams come true as well
;o) what do you think?  Maybe compiling a wishlist would be good...

best regards