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SableCC 3.x project

Hi Mariusz, Raif, Xuan,
and Everybody,

I think that it is an excellent idea to start collecting a wish-list for
SableCC 3.x.  Once we have compiled an initial wish-list, I will start
drafting a project proposal for SableCC 3.x (additionally including my 
own many ideas/wishes and a draft grammar), and submit it to open 
discussion on this list.  Once the objectives are agreed upon, we will 
be in position to make a more precise workplan.

Unlike SableCC 2.x, which has been mostly a one person project
(initially, at least), the SableCC 3.x effort will be a collaborative 
effort from the start.  I will (if you agree) continue to lead (and 
contribute largely to) the development effort.  My main objective is to 
keep SableCC as an intuitive yet (more) powerful tool that generates 
robust code.  As always, I remain open to all sugesstions for making 
SableCC a better tool.

So, if you have any idea you would like to add to the wish-list, simply 
write it down in a message and send it on this list.

Is there a volunteer that wishes to take care of compiling the 
suggestions?  (I can set up the appropriate SourceForge permissions and 
tools for that person to manage a "public" wish-list document).  I can 
do it myself too, if nobody wants the job...  The important is to send 
your suggestions!


Etienne M. Gagnon                               etienne.gagnon@uqam.ca
SableVM:                                       http://www.sablevm.org/
SableCC:                                       http://www.sablecc.org/