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Re: SableCC 3.x project

> So, if you have any idea you would like to add to the wish-list, simply 
> write it down in a message and send it on this list.

    I wish you did not have to "name" alternates in Production rules. 

rule = production1 | production2 ;

    is much better than

rule = {pro1} production1 | {pro2} production2 ;

    IMHO. But that's actually not why I wrote.

> Is there a volunteer that wishes to take care of compiling the 
> suggestions?  (I can set up the appropriate SourceForge permissions and 

    You are aware that SourceForge maintains a component along-side the
bug tracker called "Feature Requests," correct? I don't know what is
involved in setting up the beast, but using it is essentially the same
as the bug tracker. Nifty stuff, since you already have a SourceForge
account and it will also allow the John Does out there to submit
requests without being a member of this list.

  -- /v\atthew
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