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Re: SableCC 3.x project

Matthew L Daniel wrote:
>     I wish you did not have to "name" alternates in Production rules.

You'll be glad to learn that should be partially possible under SableCC
3.x, as long as both "pro1" and "pro2" are eliminated from the generated
AST using the new AST transformation stuff, (and that there is no
conflict resolution stuff involving them).

But, you must remember that every AST node has a type, and we certainly
do not want types with names: "ARule1", "ARule2", etc.

>     You are aware that SourceForge maintains a component along-side the
> bug tracker called "Feature Requests," correct? 

I will set this up, but I will also let Roger Keays compile a proper
"wish list" available on the web site.  So, notice to all:  You can use
either this list, or preferably the SourceForge "Feature Requests"
tracker to submit your wishes [Give me a few minutes to set it up]. 

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