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Re: java-getopt

Hi Raif and Mariusz,

First, a question to Raif:  I assume you have permission of (yourself
and/or your employer and/or your University, ...) to contribute this
code, and you are willing to license it under the same license as
SableCC (which is the LGPL + I reserve the right to clarify a few points
if ambiguities arise, like I want to make sure "generated code" is free
from any license requirement).  Right?

Please let me know who is the copyright holder on your code, so that I
can add his/her name to the list of copyright holders.

Mariusz Nowostawski wrote:
> Sounds good, please send it over to me and I will check it in and apply
> all necessary corrections, if others agree.

I agree ;-)

> what license is java-getopt distributed under? (if it is GPLed we
> simply cannot use it).

As far as I know, it is (was?) licensed under the LGPL, which is
perfectly compatible with SableCC.

Ideally, we should extract the necessary classes from java-getopt and
include them within the sablecc.jar file, but this means we also have to
display the java-getopt license information along SableCC's when invoked
with the --license option.  This should be easy to implement.  I can
take care of it once the new code is in CVS.

> > in the process i removed the dependency on Executable --which is no longer
> > needed.  i also added a new option (q, quiet) to reduce the verbosity of
> > the processing, and renamed 'with-Tools' to just (t, tools).

That's fine with me too.  Mariusz?

> > finally the build.xml was amended to include, and download it from Aron's
> > site if necessary, the contents of java-getopt-1.0.8 jar.

As long as we also provide it within the distributed source package,
that's fine.

> > are thsee changes of interest to the maintainers? if yes whom should i send
> > them to?

Mariusz, which deserves many thanks.

Thanks a lot,

Etienne M. Gagnon                                    egagnon@j-meg.com
SableVM:                                       http://www.sablevm.org/
SableCC:                                       http://www.sablecc.org/