Uses of Interface

Packages that use RecordFactory
step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. 
step.typedef Provides the abstractions that define the run-time versions of STEP types. 

Uses of RecordFactory in step.encoding

Classes in step.encoding that implement RecordFactory
static class EncoderMessageEvent.Factory
static class IrregularValueEvent.Factory
static class MetaRecord.Factory

Uses of RecordFactory in step.typedef

Methods in step.typedef that return RecordFactory
 RecordFactory RecordDef.getFactory()
          Get the factory for this record definition.
 RecordFactory RecordDef.Builder.getFactory()
          Get the factory for the definition.

Methods in step.typedef with parameters of type RecordFactory
protected  void RecordDef.setFactory(RecordFactory factory)
 RecordDef.Builder RecordDef.Builder.setFactory(RecordFactory factory)
          Set the factory object for the definition.