Package step.encoding

Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records.


Interface Summary
DecodeContext An entity that maintains the incoming stream of data to be decoded.
EncodeContext An entity that maintains the outgoing stream of data being encoded.
MetaEvent An event that signals a change in the encoding context.

Class Summary
ArrayEncoder An encoder for STEP array objects.
CacheStrategy Use a simple caching strategy to replace values with a reference to a cache slot.
ConstantStrategy Assume values are mostly the same.
CreepIntEncoder Encoder for STEP int types that uses a variable size encoding.
DataEncoder An encoder for STEP data objects.
DeltaIntStrategy Assume that the next (integer) value is relatively close to the last, and only transmit on the difference from the last value.
Encoder An agent for encoding/decoding objects to/from the STEP binary format.
EncoderEvent The root of events that are applied to a specific encoder.
EncoderMessageEvent An event that dispatches an arbitrary text message to an encoder.
IdentifierStrategy Assume that values derive from a relatively small, fixed distribution.
IntEncoder An encoder for STEP int objects that uses a specific number of bytes.
IrregularValueEvent An event that signals that the next value in the data stream is irregular.
MetaRecord A record that contains another record with interleaved meta-data.
OffsetIntStrategy Instead of transmitting the absolute (integer) value, transmit the offset from a fixed base value.
RecordEncoder An encoder for STEP record objects.
RegularValueStrategy Assume that values appear in some regular pattern.
Strategy An encoder that exploits patterns or characteristics of a data sequence.
StrideIntStrategy Assume that the (integer) values increase or decrease with a regular increment.
StringEncoder An encoder for STEP string objects.
WindowIntStrategy Assume (integer) values are in the neighborhood of a base value, and transmit the offset from the base.

Exception Summary

Package step.encoding Description

Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records.