Class CreepIntEncoder


public class CreepIntEncoder
extends Encoder

Encoder for STEP int types that uses a variable size encoding.

Values are encoded one byte at a time, using 7 bits for data and marking the high bit if more bytes should be read. The encoding is thus pseudo-LITTLE endian (least significant -> most significant), using 7 bit bytes.

The maximum number of bytes used by this encoding is 10, in signed mode: 9 (=63/7) for the 63 low bits plus one more to sign extend.

See Also:
StepInt, IntEncoder

Constructor Summary
CreepIntEncoder(String name, boolean unsigned, EncoderFactory factory)
          Create a new encoder for STEP int types.
Method Summary
 StepObject decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP int value.
 void dump(int level)
 void encode(StepObject o, EncodeContext context)
          Encode the given STEP int value.
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Constructor Detail


public CreepIntEncoder(String name,
                       boolean unsigned,
                       EncoderFactory factory)
Create a new encoder for STEP int types.

name - the name for this encoder.
unsigned - true if encoded/decoded values are always >= 0
factory - the EncoderFactory used to create this encoder
Method Detail


public void encode(StepObject o,
                   EncodeContext context)
            throws EncoderException,
Encode the given STEP int value.

Specified by:
encode in class Encoder
EncoderException - if
  • the value was not a StepInt.
  • a negative value was passed while the "unsigned" option was set.
IOException - if the encode operation encountered an I/O failure.


public StepObject decode(DecodeContext context)
                  throws EncoderException,
Decode a STEP int value.

Specified by:
decode in class Encoder
IOException - if the decode operation encountered an I/O failure.
EncoderException - if the decode operation encountered an error.


public void dump(int level)
Specified by:
dump in class Encoder