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Packages that use MetaEvent
step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. Defines the STEP input and output streams. 

Uses of MetaEvent in step.encoding

Classes in step.encoding that implement MetaEvent
 class EncoderEvent
          The root of events that are applied to a specific encoder.
 class EncoderMessageEvent
          An event that dispatches an arbitrary text message to an encoder.
 class IrregularValueEvent
          An event that signals that the next value in the data stream is irregular.

Methods in step.encoding with parameters of type MetaEvent
 void EncodeContext.metaWrite(MetaEvent e)
          Write meta-data at the current position in the output context.

Uses of MetaEvent in

Methods in with parameters of type MetaEvent
 void StepEncodedOutput.RecordContext.metaWrite(MetaEvent event)
 void StepEncodedOutput.SizeContext.metaWrite(MetaEvent event)