Interface StepRecordInput

All Known Implementing Classes:
StepEncodedInput, StepSerialInput

public interface StepRecordInput

An input stream that produces STEP records.

See Also:
StepRecord, StepRecordOutput

Method Summary
 void close()
          Close this input stream.
 StepRecord readRecord()
          Read the next STEP record from this input stream.

Method Detail


public StepRecord readRecord()
                      throws IOException,
Read the next STEP record from this input stream.

NOTE: The input stream may contain meta-information about the data sequence. Often, such records are interpreted and discarded without passing to the client of the input stream.

the next (relevant) record from the input stream, or null if the end of input has been reached.
IOException - if an internal I/O failure occurred.
ClassNotFoundException - if the definition and/or factory for the record could not be obtained.


public void close()
           throws IOException
Close this input stream.