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Packages that use RecordDef
step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. 
step.typedef Provides the abstractions that define the run-time versions of STEP types. 
stepc Defines classes and support for the stepc compiler. 

Uses of RecordDef in step.encoding

Fields in step.encoding declared as RecordDef
static RecordDef EncoderMessageEvent.DEFINITION
static RecordDef IrregularValueEvent.DEFINITION
static RecordDef MetaRecord.DEFINITION
static RecordDef EncoderEvent.DEFINITION

Constructors in step.encoding with parameters of type RecordDef
RecordEncoder(String name, RecordDef baseDef, List typeEncAttrs, EncoderFactory factory)
          Create a new encoder for the given record definition.

Uses of RecordDef in step.typedef

Subclasses of RecordDef in step.typedef
 class DerivedRecordDef
          The definition of a derived STEP record type.

Methods in step.typedef that return RecordDef
static RecordDef RecordDef.load(Type recordType)
          Attempt to load the definition for the given record name.
 RecordDef RecordDef.Builder.makeRecordDef()
          Obtain the completed record definition.

Uses of RecordDef in stepc

Methods in stepc with parameters of type RecordDef
 void JavaEmitter.emit(RecordDef def)
 void StepdlEmitter.emit(RecordDef def)
 void Emitter.emit(RecordDef def)
          Produce output for a STEP record definition.