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Packages that use AbstractInst
soot.baf Public classes for the Baf intermediate representation. 
soot.baf.internal Internal, messy, implementation-specific classes for the Baf intermediate representation. 

Uses of AbstractInst in soot.baf

Subclasses of AbstractInst in soot.baf
 class PlaceholderInst

Uses of AbstractInst in soot.baf.internal

Subclasses of AbstractInst in soot.baf.internal
 class AbstractBranchInst
 class AbstractOpTypeBranchInst
 class AbstractOpTypeInst
 class AbstractRefTypeInst
 class BAddInst
 class BAndInst
 class BArrayLengthInst
 class BArrayReadInst
 class BArrayWriteInst
 class BCmpgInst
 class BCmpInst
 class BCmplInst
 class BDivInst
 class BDup1_x1Inst
 class BDup1_x2Inst
 class BDup1Inst
 class BDup2_x1Inst
 class BDup2_x2Inst
 class BDup2Inst
 class BDupInst
 class BDynamicInvokeInst
 class BEnterMonitorInst
 class BExitMonitorInst
 class BFieldGetInst
 class BFieldPutInst
 class BGotoInst
 class BIdentityInst
 class BIfCmpEqInst
 class BIfCmpGeInst
 class BIfCmpGtInst
 class BIfCmpLeInst
 class BIfCmpLtInst
 class BIfCmpNeInst
 class BIfEqInst
 class BIfGeInst
 class BIfGtInst
 class BIfLeInst
 class BIfLtInst
 class BIfNeInst
 class BIfNonNullInst
 class BIfNullInst
 class BIncInst
 class BInstanceCastInst
 class BInstanceOfInst
 class BInterfaceInvokeInst
 class BJSRInst
 class BLoadInst
 class BLookupSwitchInst
 class BMulInst
 class BNegInst
 class BNewArrayInst
 class BNewInst
 class BNewMultiArrayInst
 class BNopInst
 class BOrInst
 class BPopInst
 class BPrimitiveCastInst
 class BPushInst
 class BRemInst
 class BReturnInst
 class BReturnVoidInst
 class BShlInst
 class BShrInst
 class BSpecialInvokeInst
 class BStaticGetInst
 class BStaticInvokeInst
 class BStaticPutInst
 class BStoreInst
 class BSubInst
 class BSwapInst
 class BTableSwitchInst
 class BThrowInst
 class BUshrInst
 class BVirtualInvokeInst
 class BXorInst