Package soot.toolkits.exceptions

Interface Summary
ThrowAnalysis A source of information about the exceptions that Units might throw.

Class Summary
AbstractThrowAnalysis Abstract class implementing parts of the ThrowAnalysis interface which may be common to multiple concrete ThrowAnalysis classes.
PedanticThrowAnalysis A ThrowAnalysis that says that every unit can throw every possible exception type.
ThrowableSet A class for representing the set of exceptions that an instruction may throw.
ThrowableSet.Manager Singleton class for fields and initializers common to all ThrowableSet objects (i.e., these would be static fields and initializers, in the absence of soot's G and Singletons classes).
ThrowableSet.Pair The return type for ThrowableSet.whichCatchableAs(RefType), consisting of a pair of ThrowableSets.
TrapTightener A BodyTransformer that shrinks the protected area covered by each Trap in the Body so that it begins at the first of the Body's Units which might throw an exception caught by the Trap and ends just after the last Unit which might throw an exception caught by the Trap.
UnitThrowAnalysis A ThrowAnalysis which returns the set of runtime exceptions and errors that might be thrown by the bytecode instructions represented by a unit, as indicated by the Java Virtual Machine specification.

Exception Summary