Interface Numberable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Local, PaddleField, SparkField
All Known Implementing Classes:
AllocDotField, AllocNode, AnySubType, ArrayElement, ArrayType, BafLocal, BooleanType, BottomType, ByteType, CallsiteContextVar, CharType, ClassConstantNode, ContextVarNode, Double2ndHalfType, DoubleType, DoubleWordType, DummyNode, ErroneousType, FakeJimpleLocal, FieldRefNode, FloatType, FullSensitiveNode, GlobalVarNode, HeapInsNode, Integer127Type, Integer1Type, Integer32767Type, IntType, IVarAbstraction, JimpleLocal, Kind, LocalVarNode, Long2ndHalfType, LongType, Node, NullType, NumberedString, Parm, PrimType, PtInsNode, RefLikeType, RefType, ShortType, SootClass, SootField, SootMethod, StmtAddressType, StringConstantNode, Type, UnknownType, UnusuableType, ValNode, VarNode, VoidType, WordType

public interface Numberable

A class that numbers objects, so they can be placed in bitsets.

Ondrej Lhotak

Method Summary
 int getNumber()
 void setNumber(int number)

Method Detail


void setNumber(int number)


int getNumber()