Soot Documentation

Beginners' guides for Soot
In 2008 Eric Bodden started a series of blog posts specifically designed to lead Soot beginners through the first steps of using Soot: Note: We do not provide PDF versions of the tutorials above because you should be able to get a nicely formatted print-out by just printing the HTML page directly.

Slides from tutorials given at conferences
  • PLDI Tutorial (still relevant despite being old!)
Using Soot as a Command Line Tool
  • Soot Commandline Options
  • Phase Options
  • Inspecting/disassembling classfiles
  • Optimizing Classfiles
  • The Jimple Parser
  • A Brief Overview of Shimple
  • Whole-program Devirtualization Optimizations
  • Annotation Options
  • Using Side-Effect Attributes
Using Soot as a Compiler Framework
  • A Survivor's Guide to Java Program Analysis with Soot
    by Arni Einarsson and Janus Dam Nielsen
  • On the Soot menagerie -- Fundamental Soot Objects.
  • Creating a Class File from Scratch.
  • Annotating a Class Created from Scratch.
  • Using Soot for profiling: developing a goto Instrumenter.
  • More on profiling.
  • Implementing Flow Analyses Using Soot
  • Adding attributes to class files via Soot
  • Notes on Invokedynamic (JSR 292) in Soot

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