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step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. Defines the STEP input and output streams. 

Uses of DecodeContext in step.encoding

Methods in step.encoding with parameters of type DecodeContext
 StepObject CacheStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a value using its cache slot ID.
 StepObject CreepIntEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP int value.
 StepObject WindowIntStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a window value.
 StepObject IdentifierStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode an ID, map it to a value.
 StepObject OffsetIntStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode an offset value.
 StepObject StrideIntStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a stride value.
 StepObject DeltaIntStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
 StepObject DataEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP data object.
 StepObject ConstantStrategy.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a constant value.
 StepObject ArrayEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP array object.
protected  StepObject Strategy.baseDecode(DecodeContext context)
          Defer to the underlying base encoder to decode a value.
 StepObject StringEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP string value.
 StepObject RecordEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a record.
abstract  StepObject Encoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a value.
 StepObject IntEncoder.decode(DecodeContext context)
          Decode a STEP int value.

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Classes in that implement DecodeContext
 class StepEncodedInput.MetaContext
 class StepEncodedInput.RecordContext
 class StepEncodedInput.SizeContext