10th Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

Thursday November 10, 2011

Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre
Associated with CASCON 2011

Final Program

Keynote Session (Session chair: Jose Nelson Amaral)
9:05-10:00Program Analysis Frameworks: Past and Present
Laurie Hendren (McGill University)

10:00-10:30Coffee Break

Session 1 (Session chair: Clark Verbrugge)
10:30-10:52Improving Bloom Filter Configuration for Lazy Transactional Memory
Mark Jeffrey, J. Gregory Steffan (University of Toronto)
10:52-11:14Modeling Cache Sharing for MPI Programs on Multicore Machines
Bin Bao, Chen Ding (University of Rochester)
11:15-11:37Footprint-based Locality Analysis
Xiaoya Xiang, Bin Bao, Chen Ding (University of Rochester)
11:37-12:00Program Behavior Sequence Prediction
Bo Wu, Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen (The College of William and Mary)

12:00-2:00Lunch, CASCON Keynote

Session 2 (Session chair: J. Gregory Steffan)
2:00-2:22Reducing Trace Selection Footprint for Large-scale Java Applications without Performance Loss
Peng Wu, Hiroshighe Hayashizaki, Hiroshi Inoue, Toshio Nakatani (IBM Research)
2:22-2:45Detecting Type-Based Aliasing Violations in C
Iain Ireland, Jose Nelson Amaral (University of Alberta), Shimin Cui, Raul Silvera (IBM Canada)
2:45-3:07Optimizing thread-local variables in Java
Yi Zhang, Clark Verbrugge (McGill University)
3:07-3:30Applying Flow-Graph Mining to the Performance Analysis of Flat-Profile Applications
Carolina Simoes Gomes, Jose Nelson Amaral (University of Alberta), Li Ding, Arie Tal, Joran Siu (IBM Canada)

3:30-4:00Coffee Break

Session 3 (Session chair: Mark Stoodley)
4:00-4:22Improving Productivity with Fine-Grain Compiler-Based Checkpointing
Chuck Zhao, J. Gregory Steffan, Cristiana Amza (University of Toronto), Allan Kielstra (IBM Canada)
4:22-4:45Abstract Analysis of Method-Level Speculation
Clark Verbrugge (McGill University), Allan Kielstra (IBM Canada), Christopher J.F. Pickett (McGill University)

Clark Verbrugge