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Packages that use Encoder
step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. 
step.encoding.profile Provides augmented versions of some standard encoding strategies that record and display various encoding statistics. 

Uses of Encoder in step.encoding

Subclasses of Encoder in step.encoding
 class ArrayEncoder
          An encoder for STEP array objects.
 class CacheStrategy
          Use a simple caching strategy to replace values with a reference to a cache slot.
 class ConstantStrategy
          Assume values are mostly the same.
 class CreepIntEncoder
          Encoder for STEP int types that uses a variable size encoding.
 class DataEncoder
          An encoder for STEP data objects.
 class DeltaIntStrategy
          Assume that the next (integer) value is relatively close to the last, and only transmit on the difference from the last value.
 class IdentifierStrategy
          Assume that values derive from a relatively small, fixed distribution.
 class IntEncoder
          An encoder for STEP int objects that uses a specific number of bytes.
 class OffsetIntStrategy
          Instead of transmitting the absolute (integer) value, transmit the offset from a fixed base value.
 class RecordEncoder
          An encoder for STEP record objects.
 class RegularValueStrategy
          Assume that values appear in some regular pattern.
 class Strategy
          An encoder that exploits patterns or characteristics of a data sequence.
 class StrideIntStrategy
          Assume that the (integer) values increase or decrease with a regular increment.
 class StringEncoder
          An encoder for STEP string objects.
 class WindowIntStrategy
          Assume (integer) values are in the neighborhood of a base value, and transmit the offset from the base.

Fields in step.encoding declared as Encoder
protected  Encoder Strategy._baseEncoder

Methods in step.encoding that return Encoder
 Encoder EncoderException.getSource()
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newRecordEncoder(String name)
          Create a "universal" record encoder, capable of encoding all STEP records.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, Type valueType)
          Create a new encoder using the default definition for the given type.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, TypeDef valueTypeDef)
          Create a new encoder for the given type definition.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, Type valueType, List attributes)
          Create a new encoder using the default definition for the given type.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, TypeDef typeDef, List attributes)
          Create a new encoder for the given type definition with the given attributes.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.getEncoder(String name)

Methods in step.encoding with parameters of type Encoder
 void EncoderMessageEvent.applyToEncoder(Encoder encoder)
          Dispatch the message to the target encoder.
 void IrregularValueEvent.applyToEncoder(Encoder encoder)
          Signal the target encoder that the next value is irregular.
abstract  void EncoderEvent.applyToEncoder(Encoder encoder)
          Apply this event to a specific encoder.

Constructors in step.encoding with parameters of type Encoder
CacheStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int cacheSize)
          Create a new "cache" strategy.
EncoderException(Encoder source, String message)
RegularValueStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, String strategyName)
WindowIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int threshold)
          Create a new "window" strategy.
IdentifierStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder)
          Create a new "identifier" strategy.
OffsetIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder)
          Create a new "offset" strategy.
OffsetIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, StepInt base)
          Create a new "offset" strategy.
StrideIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int stride)
          Create a new "stride" strategy.
DeltaIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int threshold)
          Create a new "delta" strategy.
ConstantStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int strategy)
          Create a new constant value strategy.
Strategy(Encoder baseEncoder, String strategyName)
          Create a strategy with the given base encoder and strategy name.

Uses of Encoder in step.encoding.profile

Subclasses of Encoder in step.encoding.profile
 class PCacheStrategy
 class PConstantStrategy
 class PDeltaIntStrategy
 class PIdentifierStrategy
 class PStrideIntStrategy
 class PWindowIntStrategy

Constructors in step.encoding.profile with parameters of type Encoder
PCacheStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int cacheSize)
PIdentifierStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder)
PConstantStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int strategy)
PDeltaIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int threshold)
PStrideIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int stride)
PWindowIntStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, int threshold)