My exterior (artist's conception)

A picture of my brain.



Clark Verbrugge
Office: McConnell 230
Office hours: By appointment only.
Phone: (514) 398-2411
FAX: (514) 398-3883

Mailing address:

Programs from the Compiler Driven Performance workshop at IBM CASCON are available for CDP 2012, CDP-2011 and CDP-2010.

Greasemonkey Scripts

These Greasemonkey scripts improve the interface for a few aspects of McGill's internal systems that I commonly end up using:

Prospective Students

For PhD students, please send details on your research interests/plan/background. My research interests vary, but it would probably need to be relevant to one of computer game analysis, concurrency, languages and compilers, or wikis (languages, performance). Please be clear on how your research goals would fit within my areas of interest.
For MSc students, you do not necessarily need to contact me first; you can come see me in person when you get to McGill.

Here is general information for students interested in studying Computer Science or Software Engineering at McGill University

Clark's Meeting Maxim

Years of experience in meetings has led me to the following important conclusion:
"The value of a meeting is inversely proportional to both the number of attendees and their relative disparity in rank."